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Your first time here?

Jujitsu Australia Learning Centre. The AJF launched the Jujitsu Australia Learning Centre in March 2023. It is the home of all coaching and officiating education for the Australian Jujitsu community. It also provides for a Community of Interest for Jujitsu practitioners and enables continuous improvement for our coaches.

Previously Registered. If you previously registered with the Australian Sport Learning Centre (ASLC) prior to March 2023 and indicated Jujitsu as your primary sport, you will have been contacted by the ASLC to have the option to move your account to the Jujitsu Australia Learning Centre to continue your learning journey. If this is your first time here, please click the Forgot Username or Password link and after you reset your password and login, all your existing learning records should be there.

However, if your email address is not recognised or you are not receiving the activation link in your inbox, please do not create a new account because then your existing achievements will not display on your learning record. Instead, if you are experiencing issues then please email us and our Jujitsu Learning support team will get them resolved as soon as possible.

Registered but no contact. If you believe you were registered previously but have not been contacted, please email for help.

New learner. If you are new to the Learning Centre and haven’t registered before, then you can simply register as a new user by clicking the Create New Account button below, accepting the Terms and Conditions and then you can get started on your Jujitsu Learning journey.